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Love Yourself *Wichita, Ks. Photography Studio*

Am I worth it?

This question seems to be running across my mind a lot lately, and since opening my studio and having women wanting photographed, I see that I am not alone. Almost everyday I have women in that are seeking some type of a confidence boost, from headshots, boudoir, modeling, to getting their hair and makeup perfected.

Women want to feel something they don’t feel everyday.


I understand women want what they don’t have. It is this way with almost every woman I talk to. Heck even I do, I have naturally curly hair and boy I wish it was straight, I have 3 kids and hate how my tummy looks even though it created life. It started in school for me I wasn’t popular, I hardly ever had the newest trends, I wasn’t in the popular click. I always doubted myself and always had some type of mental breakdown about how I looked, or how I fit in. And to this day I still do, but if I could tell my 13 year old self that one day I would have a husband that loves me unconditionally, and two daughters that look up to me, and a business I may have carried myself differently. I may have been more successful too. Having self-doubt held me back from a lot of things.


So I want to start something different so I don’t have to look back in 15 years and think… you know you could of done that if you didn’t doubt yourself.

I want to start with you. Because in order for one to rise we shall all rise together, right? Let’s start by lifting each other up! I challenge you to look in the mirror at least 15 minutes a day and find one thing for the day that you love about yourself and watch how you change.

Take a look at these women each of them came in nervous about being photographed and they clearly were unsure how to feel. They broke down their walls to show others how beautiful they really are. Some came in with body insecurities, gaining weight from having children or just life in general, stretch marks, and some even so far to have surgery to correct what they felt were their flaws, some were born with something that changed their appearance, some were so beautiful their only flaw was mental health, and causing self harm for not being the cookie cutter female, and aging.

I want women to see their true beauty for what is. As you know the New Year is coming and with that so is the new diets, and gym workouts, and new ways to change your appearance and setting goals to change your “flaws”. But what if we set out new goals to love ourselves, to show our true selves and to love one another for who we are. What if we all showed one another we are worth it?


There is a new generation coming into womanhood and they are already looking at themselves in an unhealthy way. Let’s grow as women and make a new cycle “women who love themselves”. Will you take on my challenge? Will you love yourself in 2018? Will you grow with me?

XOXO, Amanda June


Hair by Jessica Smith- Love is in the Hair

Makeup by Lips and Lashes Makeup Studio